Festa do Divino


9ª Festa do Divino - July, 6-7, 2013 Cambuquira (MG)

The Festa do Divino (The Divine’s Feast)
The Secret History of Brazil: Fifth Empire Concept and Practice



The Festa do Divino (The Divine’s Feast) is a folkloric feast of the portuguese speaking peoples (lusophone) started in the middle ages by the wife of the Templar King Don Dinis- St. Elizabeth, (Sta Isabel), in order to comemorate the future of Humanity when the Kingdom of the Holy Spirit would be among us and all peoples would live in harmony, justice, peace, aboundance, and universal spirituality. Temporal Powers would not be as they are today, but people of God would live in freedom and equality.

This is something very original because one commorates facts of the past and of the future.

During the 18th century the Festeiros do Divino were expulsed from Portugal, considered as heretics by the Vatican authorities, and flewd to the colonies. 

Presently they still can be found in many Brazilian cities, in Newark ( USA) , and some cities where Portuguese immigrants live.

Brazilian President Lula sanccioned a Law considering the Festas do Divino as one of the most important folkloric national feasts.

The Era do Divino (Divino’s Era) is the same concept as the biblical 5th Empire, the Golden era, and it is expected to happen by all religions of the world.

Analytical Trilogy is a science that gives its contribution to the accomplishment of this Era. In Cambuquira, Village of The Divine, we develop many projects with this aim of bringing socio economic justice, spirituality, freedom to Beauty, Goodness and Truth.


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Flag of Divino
Festa do Divino 2012 - Parade

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